Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Mother Nature's Artistry" -colorful paintings of Ford's Pond in fall

This first acrylic painting is done from a photo of Ford's Pond  located in Glenburn Township, Northeast Pennsylvania.  The second painting is a pastel version of this scene done en plein air (from life) a few years ago.  When a friend asked me to do a painting for her, this is one of the scenes I suggested.  I did the acrylic painting (12" x 16") as a sample of what could be done with the scene.  I love the bright colors and the patterns of the trees on the far side of the pond.  Do you think I should add some life forms to the scene?  Do you have a favorite?  Please comment and let me know your thoughts.  The same scene can be interpreted in an infinite variety of ways.  That is the beauty of art and, of course, mother nature!

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